Student's first painting after a 4 week class.


Gather your friends for an economical way to learn art!

Dave Jones offers a variety of art related workshops, tailored to your groups' needs and skill levels. Call 228-234-1610 or email to discuss schedule, fees and content.

Workshop possibilities. . .

Beginning Drawing - Essential for all of the visual arts

Painting Prep - Color, composition and techniques of painting

Drawing People - First step to including people into your paintings

Painting Studio - Individual coaching in a group setting for your painting journey

Abstract Painting - Yes, you can learn to paint in a totally abstract style!

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 In addition to the group classes offered below, one-on-one instruction and coaching for beginners and advanced artists is available. This coaching can be done online or in your home or studio (depending on location) and begins with a review of any current work; your current favorite artists; your short and long term goals; and a survey of your mediums and techniques. Please email to set up a free exploratory phone call. 

The following subjects are offered for your school, group or organization and can be formatted in a variety of timelines - all-day or weekend workshops, 5 day intensives, or as weekly daytime or evening classes. All classes train students to create good art in their own style, not the teacher's!

Beginning Drawing - This is an essential class for every visual artist, regardless of medium. In the process of learning to draw what you see, your eyes get trained and you learn many of the critical distinctions in art, such as value (light and dark), seeing edges and contours, composition, and how light behaves on objects. The foundation of every good painting is a good drawing! This course is highly structured and is for absolute beginners, as well as those wishing to brush up on their skills. 
Drawing People - Being able to draw people accurately provides the essential training for being able to incorporate them into your paintings. This course uses live, clothed models to give students practice in full figure quick studies and long poses, as well as close up, careful studies for head and shoulder portraits. Students will work in a large format at an easel (provided), using a variety of drawing media. Beginning Drawing or its equivalent is recommended for this course. Some drawing supplies required (supply list provided). 
Life Drawing - (must be 18 years or older) This figure drawing class uses both male and female professional nude models. Many art school graduates will say that their life drawing class was the single most important class they had, and that it made the biggest difference in their art career. Learning to show the volume, mass, contours, play of light and dark on the human form provides the most challenging and instructive training possible for the artist. Each class will begin with short poses and end with longer ones. Beginning Drawing is a prerequisite for this class. A small model fee will be added to the listed tuition, based on class size. 
Advanced Drawing - For those students wishing to further what they learned in Beginning Drawing, and those interested in drawing as their main expression - with more individual coaching, landscape drawing, clothed body drawing and drawing in large format with a variety of media. 
Painting Prep - For absolute beginners as well as seasoned painters. Five sessions of hands on eye training exercises exploring color, value, intensity, paint mixing, composition, and acrylic painting tools and techniques. In the process, students produce charts and other visual aids that they can use ongoingly in their own studio. Students also will learn how to build an economical painting tool kit that will last years (a supply list and local and online resource list is provided). 
Beginning Painting - This class is taught using acrylic paints and mediums and includes instruction in producing some of the wide variety of techniques possible with the medium. Students also learn basic color theory, paint mixing and how to compose a successful painting. Students produce at least 1 complete painting over the 4 week course. Beginning Drawing is a recommended prerequisite for this course. Students must provide their own tools and materials (a supply list and preset online shopping cart is provided). 
Painting Studio - This is an ongoing studio class for both beginners and experienced painters alike. Beginners are guided closely through the steps involved in painting a still life, provided by the instructor. Experienced painters may either tackle the still life as well, or have a short conversation with the instructor to determine how they wish to best use their time in class. This may be to address particular difficulties they've been having in their work, or to explore new subject matter, etc. Whether a student is a beginner or advanced painter, they will receive close, one on one coaching from the instructor relevant to where they are in their work. Class is in acrylic medium only. Students must provide their own tools and materials (a supply list and preset online shopping cart is provided). 
Abstract Painting - Explore the methods and motivations of some of the major movements in American abstract art! In this class students produce at least 4 different abstract paintings. Styles include Action Painting, Minimalism, Lyrical Abstraction and Pattern Painting. Some prior painting experience is required for this course (like the Beginning Painting class above). Students must provide their own tools and materials (a supply list and preset online shopping cart is provided).
 Advanced Painting - A student initiated project driven class involving goal setting and individual coaching towards reaching those goals. Students create a painting project first in their imagination, then communicate it effectively to the teacher who helps them bring it to fruition.

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